Dbq Mesopotamia Essay

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Answer to DBQ People in early civilizations like Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Indus Valley, depended a lot in the physical environment that surrounded them. Many of these civilizations developed near rivers, because they can be great water resources and also they can provide silt for crops when they flood. Rivers not only provide silt and water for the natives but it can be a great way of transportation. Transportation later could lead to trade, a great way of expanding ideas and learning more about other countries. Even though the climate in these areas may be a little arid, the river keeps the people with water and provides them what they need in order to create a society and living with happiness. People also used other things in the physical environment such as wood. Many trees were cut to provide wood for people and then they used wood to create other things like timber. The human ability to modify the physical environment is something seen often when you are studying history. People that cooked got their food from the crops they got. When Enkidu(p.5) learns how to cook and bathe, there is a great change in his life. We can also learn about the different crops and animals cultivated in the early civilizations. As we can see in the picture in page 13, the Nile River provided wheat, barley and cattle for the natives in the area. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers provided more things such as, peas, lentils, sheep, pigs and goats. The Indus River also provided many other things like Vegetables, cotton, buffalo and fowl for the people. All these resources in all these areas are provided because they are located near to rivers. In order to grow crops or maintain nice cattle, you need a good water resource that will give water for the people living in the area. In page 15 you can see how
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