Ancient Egypt Research Paper

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Introduction This paper deals with the information about the ancient and modern history of Egypt. The main aspect of this paper is to discuss the ways in which the Nile River has played an important role in the development of Egypt civilization. It generally entails the significance of the Nile River to the Egyptian citizens and the land. Role played by the Nile River in the development of Egypt’s civilization The Nile was a main source of food and water in Egypt. River Nile is the main cause of the existence and development of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Why is this fact? Well, the River enabled Egypt to grow in all aspects. This fact can be supported by the fact that the Nile River was the only source of water and food for…show more content…
These quotations include quotes like; ‘’no attempt has been made to explain why a tally of something should exhibit multiples of two prime numbers between 10 and 20 and some numbers some numbers are almost multiples of 10’’ from the book, ‘How mathematics happened: the first 50 years by Peter Rudman, ‘’Egypt is the Nile’’ from the Egyptologist by Herodotus. Other quotations include ‘’ people of the black land’’. The Egyptians ended this name up calling themselves in regards t the trading of black coal. The other quote is ‘’in a mountain of lower Mauritania’’ by Pliny the elder. This quote was r=written in relation to the source of the Nile. The Nile River has in many ways continued to develop civilization in Egypt and in the surrounding areas. There are great historical elements in relation to the Nile. The Nile River continues to be a mode of transport for many merchant ships that pass across Egypt to other parts of the world. (Mahoney, 2008) The River is still a source of food and water. The river Nile contributes greatly to Agriculture in Egypt. To date, the Nile River remains one of the most outstanding and amazing natural feature that continues to add value and improve the Egyptian economy and the Middle East economy as well. Note that the waters of the Nile have attracted and affected politics in AFRICA FOR MANY generations. This is because of the influence the river has had on many different political aspects. Countries that have been affected by the Nile and have complained time and again about the dominance of Egypt to the Nile River are ;Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and sudan.However, this has not in any way stopped or derailed the achievements and explorations of the Nile but have helped to develop and promote the achievements and explorations of the same. (Humphrey,
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