Mesopotamia and Egypt Compare and Contrast

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River Valley civilizations were successful because they were able take ideas from others and reinvent them to best suit their needs. Civilizations developed first around the Middle East around the Fertile Crescent and closer to the Pacific. The first civilizations in the area around the rivers were very successful and gave examples for other river valley people to begin their own civilizations. Ideas were often modified for a certain area. Mesopotamia and Egypt are two examples of this. In the following paragraphs, there will be comparisons on how Mesopotamia and Egypt were similar, contrast on Mesopotamia, and Egypt. Mesopotamia and Egypt are similar in many ways. Both were developed by major rivers that were important in the history of the civilizations. The rivers flooded quite frequently and turned the near by land into marshes. The floods washed up fertile soil around the rivers helped these societies become agriculturally rich. Even though the soil was fertile, there were frequent droughts making the people resort to irrigation for their crops. Most of the plants were annuals, meaning that the plants did not needed to be replanted every harvest, and required less work for the farmers, allowing them to spend their times on crafts. The rivers also served as a way to trade with and conquer other civilizations for they used the flow and current of the river to determine where they would go to trade and have their wars. Both civilizations only traded for exactly what they needed and were not looking to make a profit. The wars were fought along the rivers usually to obtain land and resources. The people fighting in the wars were using advanced weapons for their time. They were using armors and helmets made out of thin sheets of steel sewn to leather to maximize their mobility. Both societies mostly used long range weapons such as crossbows, arrows, slingshots, and
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