Comparative Cartoon Commentary on Climate Change

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Comparative Cartoon Commentary Annabel Lai 13P2 This is a comparative commentary on two cartoons: ‘Climate Change’ is an extract from the Science Tales Lies, Hoaxes and Scams series by Darryl Cunningham published in 2012 and ‘Climate Denial Man’ by Khalil Bendib from other words published in 2011. Both of these cartoons focuses on the issue regarding climate change, however, they use different approaches and styles to appeal and convince the implied reader. ‘Climate Change’ is a narration of the artist’s view on climate change. The narrator explore the topic of climate change through a range of perspectives, first of all, locally, in northern Europe; England and Russia, looking at the respective unusual temperature change (cold places are colder, holt places are hotter). There is a buildup to a more global perspective where he compared the past and present perspectives as the narrator concluded that using local cases cannot accurately justify the hypothesis of climate change. This artist used a more factual, informative approach to convince the readers using statistics that in fact climate change is actually happening. ‘Climate Denial Man’ depicts a man with most of his clothes blown off and struggling to keep everything together as he is being surrounded by natural disasters like an avalanche, flooding and a tsunami wave. He says “Extreme Weather affects only extreme ninnies!” and at the right bottom corner of the comic, there is a bird that says “The climate may change but he won’t!”. Artist Khalil Bendib created ‘Climate Denial Man’ as a satire and critics people who are still in denial and skeptical about the reality of climate change when an overwhelming amount of evidence and proof is so blatantly put before them and they still choose to be ignorant or make excuses to shove the truth away. He uses irony as an approach when designing and creating this
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