Future of Life by Edward O. Wilson

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Edward O. Wilson writes The Future of Life to give different views on the issue of environmentalism. Wilson argues that environmentalists and people first supporters have unproductive disputes with the use of parallelism to demonstrate the childlike behavior and unsupported assumptions each side makes about one another. Wilson’s use of rudimentary language enforces satire in his work. In the very first lines of each side, name calling is used. The People First call the environmentalists “eviros” while they rebuttal by calling the people first “brown lashers.” The naiveté of each group throughout each rant illustrates Wilson’s view that each group has an exaggerated view of each other. In the opening lines of The People-First Critic Stereotypes The Environmentalists, the language is informal and demonstrates a one sided opinion. This is shown in the quote, ‘The wackos have a broad and mostly hidden agenda that always comes from the left, usually far left.’ Wilson’s satire is effective as its shows the ‘hidden’ motives of environmentalists while discrediting the speaker by making him seem ignorant. The over dramatization throughout the two passages demonstrates the unproductiveness as it seems that each side tries to outdo the other. This behavior is demonstrated by the environmentalists as well. In addition to using elementary language, Wilson displays the baseless conclusions each side makes about each other. What is seen from one side is literally seen on the opposite column. One similarity in both was that neither side used facts or logic to back up their statements. This close mindedness of the People First supporters is shown in the quote, ‘Some Bennington College student with a summer job will find an endangered red spider on your property, and before you know what happened the Endangered Species Act will be used to shut you down.’ Wilson provides an example
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