Community Health Essay

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1. Compare and contrast acute care nursing with community health nursing

• Acute care nursing is more focused on caring for individuals. Community health nursing is focused on caring not only for individuals but for families and groups in a variety of settings in the community such as schools, recreational facilities, churches, etc. In acute care nursing, professionals must work in groups and amongst other professionals. They have to work as a team. Nurse’s in acute care settings use charts, monitoring devices, and have others to assist them when needed. In community health nursing, the nurse is usually working alone, without other health care workers to help. Nurses working in the community focus on how illness and wellness affect a community as a whole, not just one individual. It focuses on a broader context, such as populations in the community. This type of nursing is concentrated on the interaction between populations and their environment and the impact of this interaction on health as a whole on the population. Acute is based on secondary and tertiary prevention and community is based on primary. Acute and community nursing are similar in the fact that both focus on health and illness. They both aim to promote, protect, and preserve health, just at different levels.

2. Discuss how current societal issues are influencing community health nursing practice

• Many societal issues have been arising that are influencing community health. The advancement of technology has allowed individuals to live longer than ever before. But as a result of this, community nursing must now focus on taking care of the elderly and their chronic conditions. A longer life expectancy means more older adults are living with health conditions. The elderly population is increasing. Social media allows the nurse to communicate to a bigger and broader audience. With advanced
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