Commentary on Edwin + Mathilda

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Commentary on Edwin + Mathilda In this excerpt taken from Laurence Fearnley’s Edwin and Mathilda , the narrator is extremely shocked when he discovers that his father has deceived him about the fact that his mother is alive; he experiences complete and total emotional distress when he realizes the reality that his mother left him. The text explores various forms of deception that are effectively conveyed through the third-person limited point of view, thus raising the theme of appearance versus reality and as a result, bringing forth the theme of emotional destruction as Edwin struggles with the reality of his mother’s disappearance. Various forms of deception are revealed through the third-person limited narrator in this extract, thus highlighting the theme of appearance versus reality. Edwin, the main character, is introduced with a rather strange image, in which he is eating a “ limp pizza”. This image is, although seemingly simple, is quite indicative of his current emotional state, mostly due to the use of the word “ limp”, which is a form of diction that emphasizes lifelessness. Therefore, from the very beginning there is some sort of subtle foreshadowing that something is not quite right. . Likewise, visual imagery is used, “as if experiencing the aftershocks of some electrical surge that continued to flow through his body”, to emphasize on Edwin’s feelings and thoughts when he discovers that his mother is still alive. Despite all these suggestions that Edwin is undergoing complete internal conflict, the narrator reveals that “ he had barely spoken since returning from Francesca’s house”. Moreover, this sets the idea that there is a contrast between his thoughts and actions, which is a main form of deception throughout the text. Additionally, Frances is “ watching him like a hawk”, a simile that could indicate that she is watching him with such
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