Combating Negative Moral Influences

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HOW SHOULD TODAY’S YOUTH COMBAT NEGATIVE MORAL INFLUENCES? Negative moral influences in modern times have been on the ascendancy in our societies and it is very crucial to note that the greater percentage of its victims is the youth. It is therefore imperative that the youth must fight bad influences. As once quoted by Einstein “the world is an evil place not only because there are many evil doers rather because the good people sit back and do nothing.” First of all the youth must equip themselves with discipline in all affairs of life. Discipline equips the youth with the necessary discernment between good and bad conduct. Though conscience is able to show which influences are right and wrong, discipline goes another step to avoid negative influences but accept positive ones. However discipline cannot be achieved by self-meditation. Rather I would advise that persons in their prime take mentors of good reputation or moral character in order to imitate them. It is difficult sticking to dos and don’ts because we fail to see the end result but a close look at a role model who is respected and respectable can influence the life of the youth for the better. Personally, my mentor is Jesus Christ. His way of life as we read in the bible is perfect. However, He is my pattern and perfect example. A life without discipline is simply a life without limitations where everything goes down well. Discipline draws the barrier lines and one is always prompted not to cross over to theft, robbery, drug trafficking etc. Moreover, statistics show that most of the youth engaged in crimes of all sorts are those who have dropped out of school. The youth involved in crimes also happen to be the victims of negative moral effect. Most teenagers begin well but fall by the way either before or after high school education. It is therefore vital
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