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“Good People” In a way we’re all the same. We believe in one God, just the name has changed. A God who puts love, faith and humanity in our hands. To govern these elements in the right way can put doubt and trouble into your life, and how do we even govern them? And if we do govern them and it’s wrong, how do we correct? In David Foster Wallace’s novel “Good People”, in which we are introduced to the major theme of what is right and wrong, a young man struggles to be true to his faith, by questioning his amount of love to his girlfriend in a tough decision. With struggles come doubts, and he feels the pressure from life having to make choices to getting a baby or not. There will always be doubts, but it’s up to yourself which element you want to solve your problems with, your faith or your heart? In “Good People” a third-person narrator with a limited point of view, seen from the young man Lane A. Deans perspective, appears. The narrator knows everything Lane feels, his thoughts…show more content…
Through the silence, Lane has time to think the whole idea of loving Sheri through, and that gives him an answer at last. “.. he had, in truth, been praying, or some little part of his heart he could not hear had, for he was answered now with a type of vision(p.4,l.95-6). The whole last page is a conclusion of all his questions, and that they are just two of God’s kids, trying to live up to there believes. “Their postures on the picnic table were both the same forward kind with their shoulders rounded and elbows on their knees” (p.1, l.7-9), a picture of the two, a-like, just as God made them. Good people have doubts, and this is not a felony. You become more conscious about life and the decisions you make for your own life . Lane’s problem is human, and his faith to his religion is his way to govern it, but in the end his heart takes over and leads him into the light, where he finds the

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