Colours Green in Unbreakable

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David Dunne is always pictured in a shade of green. Whether it is his shirt, his jacket, or the walls of his house. To what I believe is that green signifies protestation and begin the hero. The green that David wears foreshadows David’s heroic motives and motivations from the beginning of the movie. We first see green when David is on the train and after he walks out from the waiting room in the hospital. We can see that he’s wearing a light greenly yellow shirt, further stating that this is the beginning of his heroic coming. The color green is also evidently associated with his family as his son who is often found wearing green, stating that he is a family man who just wants to protect his family form the bad people. Green can also represent that he is unbreakable, making him invincible and the best for protection, just like the time he saved Audrey from the car he was also wearing green on his jacket. David wears green like many heroes that we read about today, like the Green Lantern, and The Hulk and in this movie it can be a great comparison to who he really is. We are also to discuss that through the purple framing of the mirror and the green locker, it is what tied Elijah and David together, as a forewarning of their future relationship. Of particular interest is the pivotal moment when David gets Elijah’s phone message that blinks/flashes green, which finally seems to convince David that he might have superpowers. We also see the part after David receives the message, to go off and change to his green raincoat. The undressing creates a pleasing pattern, but is also a metaphor: he is undressing, changing, into a superhero, his true self, for in the next scene he wears the raincoat, his “superhero outfit”. Joseph is also found playing with a super hero toy that is the color green, furthering the comparison to David that he is the hero and will bring protection
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