King Arthur's Honor In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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The story starts around the holiday time at King Arthur’s court. All of the knights and women congregate to celebrate and feast. King Arthur will not eat until he has heard a great adventure story. Just as everyone sat down to eat, a large strange knight with green skin and green clothing entered the dining hall. The stranger was carrying a large decorated axe. The Green Knight came to test the honor of the legendary Knights of the Round Table. The green Knight proposes a game to all of King Arthurs legendary knights that he will take a single blow with an axe from any knight that was at the table. The only rule to the green knight proposal was that the knight who delivered the blow, would agrees to meet him in a year and a day to…show more content…
His hair and beard are long and his presence demands of the attention of everyone in the room. He enters the feast of King Arthur on a large and strong steed with a quest to test the court for their loyalty and integrity. He is confident and lays out an offer for the challenge expecting King Arthur to take him up on it. The game is that the challenger gets a chance to hit the green knight, but in a year and a day, he must go to the Knights chapel and then the Knight will test him and if he fails the test, the green knight will hit him. The green knight has no fear and he even lowers his neck to make it easier for Gawain. Gawain bravely cuts off the Green Knights head, and the Knight proceeded to pick it up and rides off on his horse with his head in his hand. Gawain proves him wrong in the end and the moral of the poem includes positive results of loyalty, honesty, and…show more content…
Each one Sir Gawain’s challenges helped test and prove that he possessed loyalty, integrity, honor, and chivalry. The beheading of the Green Knight tested his loyalty to the King Arthur and his courage by being able to stand up to the knight King. One year after cutting Green Knights head off, Gawain has to travel to find the knight and take his blow in return. He finds a strange castle, and while he waits there for the final day, his knights ethical code is put to a test by the host and his wife. Him going on the journey to find the Green Knights castle challenged his virtue and integrity

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