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n today's world, education is what classifies someone from another. Our education is what brings us up a level in society and lack there of, down a level. Although education is optional, the way in which its taught and preached is changing. Education is meant to broaden our abilities and minds, teaching us the necessities of life. After reading " And then I Went to School," and "College Pressures", its evident that the word education is viewed differently depending on the "students" background. In the short story " And then I Went to School," the purpose of education to ____ was a lot different then those of the white people. Joseph Suina found that the purpose of education in the white men village was to fit in with them and learn their ways and traditions of life. Although this is not what Joesph wanted he was forced this new education upon him. Joseph believed that his education came for his grandmother, learning how to cook, clean, and take care of his family. While in the white mans school, the teacher always gave Joseph a hard time. " I could not comprehend everything that was happening but yet I could understand very well when I messed up or was not doing so well. The negative aspect was communicated too effectively and I became unsure of myself more and more." ( author,357). This quote demonstrates how his values and morals of his thought of education were pushed out and taken over by the white mans rules. Education is meant to benefit the individual in many ways. In "and then i went to school" education served Joseph as a new experience and new culture. He was taught how to live like the whites, as well as talk like them. Although this might have helped him in his future, at a stand still, it made him feel left out. In "college Pressures", education serves these students with knowledge, and the conscious of their parents being very happy for them.

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