Coca Cola Alternative Marketing Growth Strategy

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Memorandum To: Dr. Gordon Badovick From: Sales Marketing Manager Date: 6/9/2014 Re: Coca Cola Company Alternative Marketing Growth Strategy Key Marketing Problem/Opportunity: The Coca Cola organization’s mindset is stuck back in time of when the company was successful in the 1980’s and 90’s when the former CEO Roberto C. Goizueta made Coke one of the fastest growing organization’s that captivated the world. Cokes challenges today are a group of directors that are resistant to change, marketing ads that do not appeal to the younger audience which is one of the most important audience, lack of innovation, conflict with bottlers, and lastly Coke needs desparately more international growth. If the Coke model is rethought, there will be growth opportunity (Coca Cola (A). Strategic Question: Which ONE alternative growth strategy do you believe would contribute the MOST to improving sales by 10% in 2005 for Coca Cola Company? Possible Alternative Growth Strategies * Increase advertising, change sizes. For bigger size on the beverage, decrease the price so that customers can get more for a lesser price. In other words, get more and pay less. This is a great way to compete in the market with competitors that charge more money for their beverages. With increase advertising or promotion, an advertising campaign can be launched to generate greater brand awareness or implement a short-term promotion with a finite ending date. Another strategic tactic would be to have more distribution channels which would be another example of increasing market penetration by increasing methods used to get products into hands of consumers which would make them readily available. My assumption would be that if this is the first strategy considered and if growth occurs using this strategy there would be no need to look any further for a solution to expand business profits. *

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