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Question A: Yes I have played tennis for recreational purposes. Question B: I did own my own racquet, but it was not a Prince. It was a Wilson titanium head racquet that was a gift from a family friend. Question C: I did not choose it, but the person that brought it purchased it from a Wal-Mart for a cheap price for the racquet. Also, it was titanium so it was more durable. Question 1. EnvironmentalForces | (A) Trends Working For Growth | (B) Trends Working Against Growth | Social | Networking/media | Consumers leisure time to play tennis | Economic | The tax breaks and stimulus packages still being held | The economy itself | Technological | New materials for higher quality | Other companies with similar or better materials | Competitive | A brand known for tennis already | Other competitors with similar features at lower prices | Regulatory | | | Question 2. To start with, Prince can do a lot of marketing activities to promote tennis playing. I believe that a close customer interaction would yield the best results. For example, they can sponsor local teams, schools, and known or underdog athletes. They can also donate to fitness centers and schools for people to try out the racket and in return people will play with the racket in the locations simply because it is new and no extra cost. Question 3. (a) Promotional Activities to Reach Recreational Players | (b) Promotional Activities to Reach Junior Players | Schools being sponsored | Tv shows that kid watch- introduce tennis playing in the shows | Media | Junior matches at community events and carnivals. | Coupons on websites | On snacks that would be found in kids’ lunchboxes | | | Question 4. Kinds of Distribution and Sales Actions by Prince | Mass Merchandisers | Specialty Tennis Store | Product positioning in store | | Gladiator tennis | Prince

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