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Clea Koff Author/Forensics Anthropologist Clea Koff : is an amazing woman who spends her life solving crimes and speaking for those who no longer have a voice. Using her skills as a forensics anthropologist she aided in the Rwanda genocide by reassembling the skeletons and identifying individual victims and their cause of death. Clea Koff known as “The bone woman” at the age of 23 in 1996, went to Rwanda, where she was the youngest member of the first United Nations team to exhume and investigate a mass grave. In April 2004, Koff had her book “The Bone Woman” published through Random House, which gives account of her involvement in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide where 800,000 men, women, and children from the Tutsi civilian population were murdered when Hutu extremists from the elite political group blamed the Tutsi minority population as a whole for the country’s increasing social, economic, and political pressures. And were buried in a mass grave. (The United Human Rights Council is a committee of the Armenian Youth Federation - Western United States. 2014) Clea Koffs involvement in the Rwanda Genocide case on the United Nations team is described as “her dream realized in the middle of a nightmare” (Christine Rousseau, 2005). Clea’s days spent in the hot sun and sometimes in the unforgiving rain, in the ditches which were mass graves, collecting the bones and assembling them to identify the victims, find the cause of death and give the victims a voice. Clea notes in her book (The Bone Woman) "There's a big temptation to be drowned in feelings and to let the effects of them take over the work. At the same time, I have always worked to maintain a scientific view, by first of all considering the bones as a puzzle to solve before they become an individual. When I was in a mass grave and I discovered a hundred corpses, I would concentrate

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