Cja 204 Courtroom Workgroup Paper

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Prosecuting those who commit crimes is very important to the overall wellbeing of society and the citizens within society. Prosecuting and convicting criminals not only prevents them from committing another crime, it also serves as a deterrent to others that may be considering breaking the law. Many courts make up the judicial branch and these courts are responsible for applying laws made by the government. The courts are made up of courtroom workgroups that are the basis of the courts proceedings. The courtroom workgroup consists of the participants that work for the court. The Courtroom Work Group is a group that is comprised of the Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorneys, Claimants and Defendants. The roles of the individuals in the Courtroom Work Group are to work together to successfully prosecute criminal cases. This group interacts on a daily basis with all having a mutual goal in mind of production to close the case and put the guilty parties away. In Courtroom Work Groups the defendant are already presumed to be guilty and the rest of the group work together to come to an agreement on the sentencing rather than to actually serve justice. The judge has overall control of the courtroom and the workgroup. The judge is responsible for keeping the order and deciding guilt or innocents of the accused. The courtroom workgroup interacts daily in many ways. It is the responsibility of the judge to oversee all that goes on within the courtroom and ensure that rights are not violated as well as rule on each case that is put before them. The defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys, and the public defenders, help paint a picture if you will for the judge of what happened. The judge then interprets the information he or she is given to determine guilt or innocence without bias ensuring that the accused receives a fair trial. The role of the Prosecutor is to
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