Prosecution vs. Defense Counsel Paper

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Prosecution vs. Defense Counsel Paper CJS 220 Prosecution vs. Defense Counsel Paper There are several differences in the roles of the defense counsel and a prosecutor. One of which is what they do and who they work for. The prosecutor works for the state and tries to convict the defense counsels client at all costs. The prosecutor also has the challenge of trying to get the state everything they want in the trial. The prosecutor also has the task of protecting the state in consumer related matters. Some prosecutors are called District Attorneys and others are called States Attorneys but they are the same thing ("Role of the Prosecutor", 2013). These types of attorneys are the ones that the state selects to represent them in court. These attorneys also have what is called prosecutorial discretion. This means that they basically have absolute power of what happens in the case such as whether or not to pursue charges, what sentence the state wants, deciding how severe the charges are, and whether or not to plea bargain ("Prosecutorial Discretion", 2001-2013). This discretion can make the trial process take several months in some cases it slows down the flow of the cases in the court system because of the time that it takes for the prosecutor to decide these things. The prosecutor has the job to decide these things and then has to still do the trial this may also drag the cases out because the prosecutor might get a little worn out. The defense counsels job is to defend the people that the prosecutor is trying to send to jail and try to keep them from going to jail or avoid paying the monetary damages sought in a lawsuit. The defense counsel also protects these people from the power of the state (Klein, 2013). The defense counsel doesn’t work for the state but is some times appointed by the state to represent the defendants in these cases if the defendant

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