Cins 203 Chapter 2 Questions

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Todd Sayers Professor Chapman CINS 203 00F 20 August 2013 Review Questions: Session 2 Project Review Question 1: Describe and compare the various sources of software Information technology services firm - Help companies develop custom information systems for internal use. Develop, host, and run applications for customers. Provide other services Packaged software producers – Serve many market segments. Provide software ranging from broad-based packages to niche packages. Software runs on all size computers, from microcomputers to large mainframes. Prepackaged software is off-the-shelf, turnkey software. Off-the-shelf software at best meets 70 percent of organizations’ needs. Enterprise-wide solutions - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems integrate individual traditional business functions into modules enabling a single seamless transaction to cut across functional boundaries. Application service providers (ASPs) (Also known as Cloud Computing) - The provision of computing resources, including applications, over the Internet, so customers do not have to invest in the computing infrastructure needed to run and maintain the resources. Open source software - Freely available including source code. Developed by a community of interested people. Performs the same functions as commercial software In-house developers - If sufficient system development expertise with the chosen platform exists in-house, then some or all of the system can be developed by the organization’s own staff. Hybrid solutions involving some purchased and some in-house components are common. Review Question 2: How can you decide among various off-the-shelf software options? What criteria should you use? Off the shelf programs can be modified by the user or the producer and fits the needs of an organization. The criteria you should use are viability of vendor, vendor support, cost,

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