Comparing & Contrasting Eating Out Or Eating In

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Compare and Contrast Laptop Computers and Desktops Having to choose between a Laptop Computer or a desktop is difficult choice that one is faced especially if it is for personal use. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of both these models and consider all facts before deciding on one that suits you the best. Firstly laptops weigh very less and you can carry them around when you travel and work from anywhere. Secondly, Laptops are single units with all features built into it. The third point in its favor is that most of the professionals who are always on emails and finance and other executives who do a lot of data and number crunching prefer laptops for their work. Professionals like architects, movie directors, advertising professionals and artists who need to be on the move and make presentations to clients at client sites cannot imagine working without a laptop. Fourthly, laptops come equipped with built in battery and hence you can keep working even when there is no power available. Those who favor Desktops will first point out that they are cheaper than Laptop. Secondly Desktops are studier and not delicate as Laptops. If you want to load high end applications like the multimedia movie making software and other applications requiring high end configuration, Desk top is the best choice and it cannot be done in Laptops. Everyone including children can use Desktops which are very rugged and strong whereas Laptops are very delicate and can easily get spoilt. Unlike laptops, Desktop parts are very cheap and Desktops can be repaired easily even by yourself. Desktops can be upgraded several times easily. It is easier now for you to choose between laptops and Desktops having got information on both the products. Are you not able to still choose the right one for yourself? Answering the following questions might

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