Childhood Obesity: Article Analysis

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Childhood Obesity: A Puzzle Not Easily Solved In March 2013 Vogue magazine ran an article by Dara-Lynn Weiss entitled, “A mother plays ‘The Heavy’ for her child’s health.” The article set off a flurry of emotionally charged comments across the World Wide Web because it struck a very sensitive cord among parents. The article was about a parent’s love for her child and the steps she chose to take with her daughter to combat childhood obesity. Ms. Weiss, who has written a memoir titled The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet, was interviewed by Deirdre Donahue, who is a writer for USA Today. In the interview, Donahue questions Ms. Weiss about a number of things related to her daughter’s weight and her decision to take action. The most touching…show more content…
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