Child Soldiers In Liberia Essay

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Child Soldiers in Liberia: History, Horror, and Hope “Late one evening, a ten-year-old with a pistol came, alone, into our house. He told my husband his commander was hungry and wanted one of our chickens. While my husband was catching the hen, that boy sat down to wait. He was thin and exhausted. I brought him a biscuit and water. He said he was tired and weak and as he left with the chicken turned to me and said, thank you, mam. Later my neighbors criticized me for giving him that biscuit. I said I didn't care if he was a rebel or not. He's still somebody's child. Maybe he was abducted. God knows what they've done to him. I wanted to hide that boy and take him with us as we fled and just knew he would've come with us if he'd had the chance. I could see he wasn't happy.” Zainab, 24 Human Rights Watch Interview, Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 20, 1999 The UN estimates that at any one time there are more than 300,000 children (child being defined as any person 17 and under) fighting in armed government forces and armed opposition forces around the world in more than 30 countries including El Salvador, Columbia, Cambodia, Mozambique, and Kosovo. Some of the worst use and abuse of children has occurred during the brutal civil war from 1989-2003 in Liberia…show more content…
The goal of this paper is to give the reader a good understanding of the roots of the civil war in Liberia, why children were chosen to fight this war, the unimaginable hardships that boy and girl soldiers faced, and the challenges of rehabilitating and reconstructing the lives of these children now that the long war is over. In the end, the reader will understand the past history, recent horror, and rays of hope for the future of Liberia’s war-scarred

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