Child and Young Person Development

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Assignment 005 Child and young person development Table 1: Physical development Age range Description of the stage An example of how this impacts on another aspect of development 0-3 months Children 0-3 months should be able This will impact on their emotional to recognise people and be able to stare development as they will be able to at them, they should be able to move their recognise when they are around people and head and look around aswell as kicking their may become distressed when left alone. legs and moving their arms. 3-6 months Children at this stage can support their own This will impact on their intellectual heads, they can grasp and pick up objects with development as they are beginning to their hands and can roll themselves over when become aware of their own bodies and how lying down. their actions affect it. 6-9 months Children should now be able to sit alone This will impact on their social development without support and also pull themselves as they begin to crawl, pull themselves up upright whilst they are holding onto something etc. They will now be more aware of their
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