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Ryan Hopkins TA: Carla Terry Chem 1212K lab INTRODUCTION The purpose of this research is to identify an inorganic acid that was selected by chance. It was bottled in a small glass jar labeled as number three. In the quest to find what was in the jar several experiments were performed. The scientific approaches performed were purifying the sample, analyzing the percent halide, percent NH3, prep and standardization of 0.1M Na2S2O3, and the examination of percent Cobalt (III) using 0.1 M Thiosulfate and the analysis of an unknown Fe (III) salt. SYNTHESIS 3 Purifying an unknown solid by recrystallization involved preparing cobalt amine chloride product. By adding five grams of cobalt II chloride into 20ml of 9M HBR in 250 mL beaker, plus 15 mL of deionized water. Dissolving the compound within pure water, filtration by gravity and adding two grams of activated charcoal and 25 mL of concentrated. Cooled after heating and additional six mL of 30 percent hydrogen peroxide. Filter by suction then collect the dark solid. ANALYSIS FOR % HALIDE (X-) IN A SYNTHESIZED COBALT COMPOUND Preparation of silver nitrate in 150 mL beaker. Mixed 1.7806 of silver nitrate with 50 mL of deionized water and 10 drops of nitric acid. Then used 250 mL beaker and added as well as mixed 0.250 cobalt compound, 150 mL of water and 10 drops of nitric acid. Boiled for 45 minutes gently to collect silver (unknown). Recorded the weight of collected sample minus the weight of the crucible. % Br=g of Br; g of Br x 1 mol Br = moles of Br 79.909g 79.904 g x 0.3483 = 0.1482 0.1482/0.25g x 100=59.28% Br in sample 187.772 g Results as: 59.28% PREPARATION AND STANDARDIZATION OF A HCl SOLUTION Prepared HCl solution (0.3 M) and

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