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Titration Analysis of an ASA Caplet Abstract In this analysis, we performed three titrations. We put three ASA caplets into three solutions of NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) and isopropyl alcohol to test for the mass of an ASA in a commercial caplet. We performed this by adding three ASA caplets to three solutions of NaOH with isopropyl alcohol. Each titration was performed in a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask. When the caplet was added to the solution, we both mixed until the caplet was totally dissolved in the solution. When the titrations were finished we found the mass of each ASA caplet in each titration, and the percentage of ASA within the caplet. The masses for each caplet in each titration were similar in mass, but each was slightly different. We also found that when the ASA caplet was added to the solution, colorless solution turned to a light pink. Introduction In this lab, we performed three titrations to determine the mass of ASA in a caplet through the process of diluting the caplet with a solution of NaHO and isopropyl alcohol. The mixed solutions gave us a double displacement reaction. Double displacement: AB+CD = AD+CB Example: AgNO3 + NaCl = AgCl +NaNO3 This is a double displacement reaction. In the titration of HC9H7O4 = NaC9H7O4 + H2O A titration is a process in which a solution is added to another solution, such that it reacts under conditions in which the added volume may be accurately measured. Three titrations were performed to find the caplets mass. In these titrations we mixed a crushed up ASA caplet with 25mL of isopropyl alcohol. After adding the solution into a 250mLerlenmeyer flask, we added our second solution of NaOH until our solution turned to a light pink color, repeating the process three times. To find the mass of the caplet, we used stoichiometric calculations, based on our volume of solution used to dilute the caplet.

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