Charter School System Research Paper

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AG-If your child comes home from school one day and says; “one of my teachers called me an idiot,” would you believe me if I told you that teacher got paid the exact same as a rival teacher that everyone loved whose class also produced district leading test scores? Thesis- While that is true, the worst part of this is if a bad teacher like in the example I mentioned, is protected under teacher tenure, you will almost never be able to fire him or her. (According to the Daily Beast, Moe writes “On average, it takes two years, $200,000, and 15% of the principal’s time to fire one bad teacher)” [ (Adler) ]. So if you can relate or empathize with any of these scenarios and disapprove, then you are an advocate of a charter school system.…show more content…
A- The differences are that charter schools are union free which means that teachers get paid by merit, versus bad and good teachers getting same pay. B- Also a charter school system is a mock representation of a free market capitalist system. Students are the consumers, and the best schools stay while the failing schools perish. Transition- All that being said leads me to my next point … Body 2- both of the traits I mentioned previously could be taken as a negative. A- The first trait could cause controversy if you are a union employee, because in a union free charter school system the underperforming teachers get paid less, while the better teachers get paid more. Without any collective bargaining power, and no protection under tenure, the underperforming teachers are a whole lot more likely to get
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