John Taylor Gatto Against School Summary

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Analysis Today I have read the reading Against School by John Taylor Gatto.The school is not almighty, the system of the school isn’t that water-tight. John Taylor cover prop who has 30 years of teaching experience, the teacher, in New York State Teacher of the Year that year could not understand the school system for the constraints of human development, deprivation, and even violence, "Wall Street Journal" on public issued a letter of resignation from speech for school reform and running. "Schooling really work? "That is, of negation and declared war on the United States education system. What is the school? Beautiful garden, a paradise of growth, the academy of special education, mental homes, many principals would describe their own school. However, the lid prop to tell people, their understanding of the school is all wrong. Turn over the documents of the United States 100 years in the education sector, control examination pass rate plummeted, and the front-line teachers complain of school education in the lid prop that the manufacture of a number of schools all mentally mediocre mind, habits of obedience, he unceremoniously school compared to the factory. What school? The students and teachers have the final say. American students than in the deeper feelings of the…show more content…
He said, many public schools have become factories, processing factory of students lack of motivation to learn, improve performance on paper price, students can not be too independent, perfect life. He appealed to the true independent status of all public schools, like private schools as public schools should be given autonomy to change the "examination-oriented teaching" comprehensive
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