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Cory Maxson In the play Fences by August Wilson the character of Cory Maxson, the son of Troy and Rose, is being recruited to play college football. When Cory is first introduced he seems fearful of Troy and wants his father to be proud of him. Troy is very hard on Cory and wants to teach him about responsibility so he doesn’t end up as he has. Cory believes that Troy treats him this way because Cory reminds Troy of a life he couldn’t have. The conflict between father and son becomes so tense that the relationship becomes explosive eventually leading to Troy telling Cory to leave his home. When Cory returns for Troy’s funeral he refuses to attend the services, it is his way of finally standing up to Troy, until Rose explains why Troy treated Cory the way he had. This changes Cory’s view of his father. Cory then accepts him for who he was and agrees to attend the funeral service. Cory’s whole life revolves around football and his belief that if he continues to play, he will be able to connect with his father. This becomes clear when Rose explains to Troy, “He is just trying to be like you with the sports” (435). Cory’s belief that his father doesn’t like him fuels a lot of the conflict between Cory and Troy. Since Cory believes the only connection he can make with Troy is through sports, he plays football against his father’s wishes. This in turn causes more friction between the two instead of creating the connection that Cory hopes for. Cory begins to lose respect for his father when he finds out that Troy went to the coach and told him that Cory could no longer play football. Cory believes that the reason his father keeps saying no to football is because Troy is jealous of Cory when he tells Troy, “Just cause you didn’t have a chance! You just scared I’m gonna be better than you, that’s all” (442). With each argument Cory has with Troy, he

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