Where The Map Ends By Ron Rash Summary

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There are many problems that were going on during the civil war, slavery, poverty, and the war itself. We get a good sense of how these problems occur in a short story by Ron Rash called “Where the Map Ends”. He conveys these problems through the two kids, Viticus, and the youth, who escape a colonel's house and follow a map that the youth was given. After the two kids had been on the run for six days, they come across a farm. The two kids find shelter in the barn until morning being woken up by cowbells and the sound of animals running amongst them. They wake up to see a man “thin and tall, his neck bowed forward as if from years of ducking. The man's son has died from the war and he has lost his farm hand, and we can imply at the end of the story that the man is going to keep the youth as a slave and send Viticus far away. In this story, Ron Rash Does a great job of giving us a lot of information on what slaves went through by conveying this through the two boys. From being once a slave to escaping there workhouse and traveling day and night with little to no food, finding a new place to stay and trusting a family to take you in and allow you to live a normal life, and lastly leaving your family. Leaving your family is one of the hardest things slaves have to do. Their family never knows if…show more content…
Nobody likes the war and nobody wants to fight but for some reason the world had a problem and it needed to be fixed. The war has its positives but there are a lot more negatives such as, the draft, people leaving their family, death, etc... The point that rash tries to prove about the war in this essay, is when the farmer talks about losing his own boy in the war. “He fought for Mr. Lincoln do he?” the boy asked “not no more” the farmer replies. Whether the farmer is an antagonist or protagonist in this story, Rash still portrays him to be sad and pissed that his son died in the
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