Chapter 1 Essay

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Data 11. Which of the following answers best describes how a hard disk drive physically writes a binary 0 or 1? a. Using an electrical charge b. Using a magnetic charge c. Changing the disk’s surface so that later the light will reflect differently for 0 or 1 d. Holding a sound wave in a vacuum 12. Which of the following answers are true about an internal hard disk drive (HDD) as it is normally used inside a personal computer? (Choose two answers.) a. Used for short-term memory b. Used for long-term memory c. Used to process data d. Connects to the CPU over a bus using a cable e. Is installed onto the motherboard 13. Which of the following are components of an internal hard disk drive (HDD)? (Choose two answers.) a. Actuator arm b. Laser c. Platters d. Sliding media tray 14. Which of the following technologies are considered to be solid state? (Choose two answers.) a. RAM b. Hard disk drive c. Optical disc drive d. USB flash drive 15. A user has opened a word processor, typed the numbers 123456789, and looked at the number on the screen in the word processor window. The user sits and starts to daydream about how computers work, particularly about what happened from the time before she typed 123456789 until the number showed up on the screen. Which of the following answers lists the first item that the computer will need to consider? a. Keyboard map b. Pixel grid c. Character set d. The binary equivalent of decimal

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