Nt1110 Chapter 1 Essay

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1. This electronic device was used as a switch in the first digital computer. a. Integrated circuit b. Transistor c. MOSFET d. Vacuum tube 2. ENIAC stands for __________. a. Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator b. EDVAC Nearly Integrated Accumulator Computer c. Estimating Nano Integrator and Computer d. Electronic Nuclear Interconnected Accumulator Calculator 3. Who is credited with creating the stored program computer model? a. Atanasoff b. Berry c. Eckert d. von Neumann 4. Limits to computing power are caused by throughput bottlenecks between the CPU and__________. a. input devices b. output devices c. memory d. other CPUs 5. Which device uses a lot of power and gives off a lot of heat? a. Integrated circuit b. Transistor c. MOSFET d. Vacuum tube 6. The silicon used to make a MOSFET works as a __________. a. conductor b. electrode c. insulator d. semiconductor 7. Which of these companies was not one of the original personal computer makers? a. AMD b. Apple c. IBM d. MITS 8. Moore’s law that states that the number of transistors that can fit on an integrated circuit chip __________ every 18-24 months. a. doubles b. triples c. quadruples d. increases ten-fold 9. The first operating system for the personal computer was __________. a. Windows 3.x b. DOS c. Windows 9x d. Windows XP 10. A generic PC is also called __________. a. alienware b. an eMachine c. a white-box system d. a voodooPC 11. The “von Neumann bottleneck” refers to a limit on throughput between _____________. a. CPU and memory b. input and memory c. output and memory d. input and output 12. Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley received the Nobel Prize for inventing

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