Chaos In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the Flies “Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man” (Henry B). Throughout the novel Lord of the Flies there is a dramatic transformation from order to chaos. “Chaos; extreme disorder” (“Chaos”). Chaos easily can be turned into violence. “You should have seen the blood!” (Golding 70). William Golding establishes a theme of order versus chaos in the classic novel Lord of the Flies through symbols such as objects and the actions of characters. William Golding establishes his strong theme of order versus chaos using symbolic objects. At the beginning of the novel the boys, Piggy and Ralph, realize there are no grownups who survived the plane crash. However, they do know there are plenty of young boys who survived;…show more content…
Through the characters’ actions, order was lowered deep in to the dark crevasse of chaos. Jack became rebellious and defiant against the leader Ralph. Jack created disorder and wanted Ralph revoked of his status. “Bullocks to the rules” (Golding 91). By Jack’s action of saying this, he made room for more anarchy that paved the road to disorder. Jack soon created his own tribe which mostly all of the boys followed. This choice lead them from order to chaos and fear. After the meeting between the two tribes, Samneric became in charge of keeping guard of the cave under the rule of the savage Jack. Ralph, now alone, confronts Samneric to gain some information about what has been going on. Samneric do not have a pleasant response. “They’re going to hunt you tomorrow” (Golding 188). The plan of this hunt is one of Jack’s actions, which is very symbolic of the theme. The hunt symbolizes the maximum level of chaos because they will be trying to kill the creator of order. All hope of order could be completely lost. Chaos, to the point of taking a human life, shows how far its grasp has reached. Chaos now filled most of the island, order seemed completely lost. William in his classic novel Lord of the Flies successfully used symbols to create a powerful theme of order versus chaos. Ralph tried to keep everything together but the boys become carried away and out of control.
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