Chanda's Secrets

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NOTES ON ESSAY 2; Prompt number 1-Overall people lie and keep secrets to live because its all they have left. Sharing secrets is so the other person can then go and use it against them which ruins the friendship and trust but gives them street cred for knowing so much. -Chanda not telling Esther if Chanda’s mother has a will so when she passes it will tell who will inherent the house and garden. Chanda sees what she is doing and out of love, protection, and anger she punches her but is taken back by this sudden outburst and tries to explain to Esther why she did it but Esther not getting the answer she wanted (which was all she wanted/cared about) so she bikes angrily away and only says “Fine Everythings fine, Everythings perfect. PAGES- 80-82 Esther is the one of the main people who uses what her one and only true friend tells her out of trust and uses it against her. Like when that dance came up and Esther said that Chanda shouldn’t hate men just because Isaac Pheto which then triggers Chanda to lash out cause that man touched her and was a father figure which was a scarring moment in her life and Esther just used it as a way to say how Chanda needs to trust men more. PAGES-82-83 -Mrs. Tafa is another infamous figure when it comes to telling secrets when she doesn’t need to and gossiping about everyone she cant get info and detail on. She is constantly pestering Chanda and her mother(how she raises her kids, about her health, about gossip) so when Chanda’s mother starts to really get sick she offers to have her doctor look at her which Chanda agrees to it even though this doctor isnt a doctor but a con man and tricks Mrs. Tafa into thinking she gets her medication from somewhere very fancy but all he does is raise the prices he almost tricks momma but Chanda sees through the lines and catches him he relied on how poor education and lies of
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