Cft1 Task 3

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CFT 1 Casal II Task 3 Kami Stevens Western Governors University Advanced Pathophysiology A1 & A1a. The first one that I think needs to be discussed is Mrs. O’Neill’s “vitamins” that she takes at home. As the case manager I would want to identify all over the counter medications and vitamins that Mrs. O’Neill takes to make sure that they do not interact with the medication she has been prescribed for hypertension. I need to make sure I have this information so that when she is discharged, the medications are appropriate for her and working properly. Another issue would be Mrs. O’Neill’s poor hearing. I would, as her case manager, talk to her about her need for hearing aids and try to dispel her fears or reasons of not wanting to use them. Without proper hearing I believe she is at risk for injury due to not hearing fire alarms and proper warnings in her home and when she is outside. Another very important issue is the clutter in her house. The nurse needs to go over with Mrs. O’Neill and her family about the safety issues in her house. They need to know to go through the house and remove or rearrange as much clutter as possible and make the house is safer for Mrs. O’Neill to return to. The rugs need to be removed. The furniture needs to be either moved or some of it removed from the home to allow adequate space to get around without obstacles in the way. The bathroom should have safety features installed such as tub bars and toilet bars and nonslip pads in the shower. Making these changes will enhance Mrs. O’Neill’s safety at home. It would eliminate her risk for falls, and assist her in taking care of herself. The home health nurse can check those things on her visits and make sure that they continue to be safe for Mrs. O’Neill. Another healthcare issue would be the medicines in her cabinet that have expired.

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