Giving Birth Persuasive Speech

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Call for help if possible. That way, even if you have to deliver the baby yourself, help will arrive soon if you experience complications. The dispatcher should also be able to either talk you through the delivery or connect you to someone who can. Ads by Google Giving BirthWatch videos on labor, delivery, and Giving Birth. 2Determine how far along the labor is. The first stage of childbirth, where the body is getting ready to deliver by dilating the cervix, can take a long time, especially if this is the woman's first child. Time the contractions from the beginning of one to the beginning of the next. If they're five minutes or more apart, there's probably time to get the mother to a hospital.[1]First time mothers are likely to give birth when contractions are…show more content…
Also, if the mother feels like she's going to have a bowel movement, the baby is probably moving through the birth canal, creating pressure on the rectum, and is on its way out. [1]3Clean your hands and arms well with soap (preferably antibacterial) and water. If soap and water is not available, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizing product or rubbing alcohol. Whatever you can do, try to get your hands as clean as possible to prevent giving the mother or baby an infection. Wear sterile gloves if available.4Find and prepare a birthing area. Have the mother remove lower clothing. Let her do whatever feels comfortable - lie in bed, walk around, or sit in a chair - until she feels a very strong need to push.[3] While waiting for the cervix to fully dilate, she might feel panicky and irrational. Use this time to make sure the area is as clean as

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