Certificate in Counselling Assignment 2 Book 1

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Certificate in Counselling Assignment 2 Book 1 Question 1 In what areas can group therapy be used? Many people find it easier to face a problem or to overcome a fear if they have somebody by their side, somebody experiencing their problems and sharing their fears. To have someone that is in the “same boat” as you can make it easier for you to speak openly about any worries you may have. These are the benefits of group therapy. Group therapy is beneficial to individuals sharing a similar fear or problem. By attend a group therapy session the individual is able to see that they are not the only person in the situation that they are in. Once trust has been established amongst the group the group tends to give support to each other, offering suggestions and giving comfort to individuals as they go over the difficulties that have brought them to therapy in the first place. This type of therapy is best used in areas such as alcoholism, drug abuse as well as abuse victims. Other areas such as young offenders or ex convicts as well as survivors or victims or a traumatic experience can benefit from group therapy. Question 2 How would you arrange your therapy room to make it comfortable for child counselling? The first thing that should be taken in to consideration when counselling a child is to see that the child is made to feel as comfortable as possible. Unlike adults, children are not always aware of why they would be attending a counselling session and would not always know what to expect. This is why it important to make a child feel comfortable in their environment before they can feel comfortable opening up to their counsellor. Concentrating on the décor of the room would be the first step. Light neutral colours on the walls accompanied by pictures of well known characters or even simple pictures of trees or lakes can bring across a warm

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