Causes Of Welfare In America

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WELFARE IN AMERICA Many people are taking advantage of welfare, while others who really needs help suffers, do we cut off the good to weed out the bad. The problem continues welfare reform is it helping or hurting our nation. What’s wrong with welfare that is the question, and there is no simple answer. Welfare is a group of entitlement programs aimed at helping those who are less fortunate, what most people are referring to when they say “Welfare” is aid to Families With Dependant Children (AFDC) a program which dispenses monthly checks to families in which the adults in the household are unemployed, and most of the recipients are single mothers who needs help. Aid to Families with Dependant Children recipients…show more content…
However what had formerly been viewed as a charity program aimed at helping helpless mothers, and females, was now being seen as a waste of time and money. America’s increasing economic problem caused great resentment toward welfare programs and to their recipients. White middle class America did not like the ideas of their tax money going to support other, especially when many of the white middle class had full time jobs. Nationalized reports of welfare fraud were all it took to convince the middle class that all welfare recipients were lying and cheating the system. Americans who felt overtaxed had something to blame it on now the more they resented welfare the worse the stereotype became, soon they were all drug users, who never intended to work just live off welfare, and the only reason that their children were starving is that they were spending the money on other things. The welfare mother’s became the most hated group in…show more content…
About 900,000 pregnancies occur each year among American teenagers aged 15-19. Most of the pregnancies are unintended. Almost 190,000 teens aged 17 and younger have children, most of the having to depend on welfare, I think if we can decrease this number and tell our children about safe sex, teach them how hard it is to be a single parent maybe have some single mothers and fathers come talk to them maybe it will instill in them not to become another statistic, and yes I do agree with unemployment benefits it there to help he or she out, but one should still be looking for a job, if not take that time that you are unemployed to enroll back in school, or a training program, this is not the time to be lazy, and looking for handouts, although these are hard times we have to stand. There is no universal agreement as to how to approach the welfare problem, because there is no universal agreement as to whether welfare recipients are victims or criminals. So where is the balance between Middle America and welfare America? Is it our responsibility to let working Americans take home as much of their money as possible, or is it our responsibility to protect the

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