Cause of Malnutrition Exit Exam Essay

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Causes of Malnutrition Today, the malnutrition problem is the big global problem in the world. Some people wake up with nothing to eat and go to bed with nothing to eat. Many children have no ambition to concentrate on a teacher in their class. There are three causes of malnutrition; a poverty, behavior related with age, and rural area. First, it is the poverty. Old people cannot find a job because they are too old. They cannot do a hard job. If they cannot get the job, they will not earn money to afford themselves. Many people have a lot of children. They cannot go to work and earn money because they must stay home in order to take-care their children. Many poor people have no education because they have to work hard and earn little bit money for their food. The money that they earn cannot buy a good food. Second cause is a behavior related with age. Old people cannot go to shopping in order to buy a good food by themselves because they cannot drive a car. Some old people can drive a car, but they cannot hold a big bag. They can eat only food that they have in their house. Adult will save money for a party. They will not eat breakfast and lunch because they will save money to hang out with their friends in a night time. Many Children sell their food stuff that their parents give to them for eat while they are in a school because they need money to buy a game. Finally, it is the rural area. The water in rural areas in some countries is dirty. It has no the minerals, vitamins, and nourishing substances because the government cannot provide the good water system to their people. The people who live in a rural area that is so far from town cannot buy the good food because the good food will sell only in town. People in a rural area are hard to find a job. If they cannot get the job, they cannot earn the money to buy a good food. In conclusion, nobody would

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