Catapult Launch Essay

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Technical Paper Introduction: The objective of the project is to understand motion in two dimensions by building a catapult/trebuchet and launching a ping pong ball, also collecting and analyzing data. Rules and regulations- * Design must be a catapult or a trebuchet. (No slingshots, crossbows, etc.) * Top, bottom, and sides may not exceed 25cm. (This includes the throwing arm) * Must have a secure “trigger”. * Design must be stable and stand alone. (No holding it down while launching) * No motors, engines, compressed air or hydraulic devices. * No prefabricated devices. (This includes previous catapult projects) * No explosives. * No devices more than 2 spring-like may be used. (Spring, bungee cord, rubber band, etc.) Stored energy to throw a projectile is basically what the physics is in a catapult. In the catapult tension, torsion, and gravity are the three primary energies. When the throwing arm is pulled back, the tension increases, which is stored when you latch the hook to the screw, when released the tension is let go and goes through the arm and launches the projectile. The two dimension motion in a catapult is acted on by gravity and inertia of the projectile. Since air resistance is present when the projectile is launched, its inertia causes the velocity of it to slow down. When gravity is acting upon the projectile in the X direction, it makes the projectile go down. Materials: * Rectangle Base (9 ½ X 6 ½ X 1 1/8 inches) – 1 * Wood Sticks (24 X ½ inches) – 2 * All Thread (3 inches) – 1 * Elastic Tube (10 inches) – 1 * String (8 1/8 inches) * Hook – 1 * Duct Tape * Hot Glue Stick – 1 * Staples * Screws – 17 * Grommets – 2 * Cardboard Ring Box (2 X 2 X 1 ½ inches) – 1 * Ping Pong Ball – 1 Equipment Used- * Measuring Tape * Staple Gun * Electric Saw

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