Case Study The Jaggling Act Part 1.

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INTEGRATIVE CASE STUDY: A JUGGLING ACT (PART 1) 1. INTRODUCTION Anna, a consulting Manager at Global Consulting, a large consulting group based in Toronto has been undergoing intense stress due to the amount of workload and her being a wife and mother. After having her daughter, Anna decided to reduce on her workload to 60% in order to spend time with her daughter. However this reduction in the working days work as expected. In the section following section, the report will keys factors and stress symptoms, Anna is facing. 2. KEY FACTORS Some of the key factors to Anna’s stress are: * Global Consulting is a fast-paced constant change, long hours and extensive travel firm that forces employees to offer 120% of their effort continually pulling them away from their family and friends. * Management staffs want Anna to make her situation work because they like Anna and her work. However they have made no changes on the work level expected of her and continually ask her to help. Anna, like other managers and partners have all been affected by the company’s desire to meet its deadlines and satisfy its client through extended work hours. * Anna has been working at 60% of her normal operating time, however due to workload she is forced to respond to urgent voicemails and emails. She also has done some work from home when she is suppose to be resting or looking after her daughter which was the reason she decided to reduce her hours initially. * Motherhood has not been very easy as well. Anna did not expect the level and amount of pressure of having a child and also being a Manager in such as busy and time sensitive work environment. * As a high performance and determined person, Anna is constantly fighting to keep with the workload where at times she does not even break for lunch. * I agree. All factors above are relevant. Especially the
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