Case Study Conceptulization and Treatment Plan

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Conceptualization and Treatment Plan for Joseph Liberty University Abstract This paper will discuss the conceptualization and treatment plan for the case of Joseph. The paper will review the case study of Joseph Watkins. The author will discuss the problem areas of his life. The paper will present a treatment plan based on the psychoanalytic theory. The paper will also discuss therapy goals and interventions for the Joseph. The author will discuss the spiritual application of therapy. Lastly, the paper will discuss therapy outcomes as well as the most challenging aspects of treatment. Psychoanalytic Theory Joseph is a victim of alcohol abuse, a behavior that has developed because of the events that happened in his family. In his past, Joseph lived in a happy family with his wife and children. He worked while his wife took care of the children. His wife was therefore, an important family pillar and a unifying factor. Things started going wrong when Joseph lost his job because of downsizing in at his place of work. Joseph’s lack of support to the family triggered a divorce. His inability to overcome negative thoughts pushed him into depression and alcoholism. After the divorce, Joseph was denied a chance to be with his wife and children. He denied his children a chance to have a fatherly figure, and this is one of the contributions to his inner thoughts about his family. When he reflects back on how he was one time in love with his wife, he develops thoughts of having another sexual relationship as noticed by his attempt to date another woman without success. Joseph is also in denial of his unemployment status. This denial comes out when he tells lies to the woman on a date. The relationship is short-lived because of his dishonesty, which comes from inner thoughts of rejection. It is evident that Joseph thought that alcohol could help in addressing his personal

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