Case Study: Chilean Mine Collapse

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Chilean Mine Collapse Cheryl McIntire BCOM/275 May 21st, 2012 Eileen Broyles Chilean Mine Collapse The Chilean mine collapse represents itself and many other disasters that occur worldwide. Disasters and tragedies that involve company workers and families need special handling and care. Each person involved in the disaster personally will have family and friends who will become concerned with his or her welfare. Each communication that intended for a specific person in that circle of concerned family and friends must be written or spoken with the proper care and thought directed toward the purpose of the message. These disasters or tragedies may involve a company representative or set of selected representatives that may be…show more content…
In a disaster like the Chilean mining incident a long hole was cut through the rock that allowed a form of communication and small food and beverage items to be sent down to the men. Sending and receiving communication from family and loved ones is an important part of the mental welfare of the trapped person. The mining company representatives and counselors set up a plan for mental and physical activities to occur in and around the mine…show more content…
There are 33 miners trapped below the surface. The rescue teams have been put in place at the site along with emergency medical personnel and government authorities. The families are receiving notification and will be setting up a camping area near the site. The management team is asking for employee cooperation in the rescue efforts. Please adhere to the following directives in regard to this mining disaster. 1) The company managers are asking that as employees of the company, releases of any information is sent only to the selected individuals on the posted list. Please be aware that any information regarding this situation is confidential and must go through the company press representative or designated personnel. No information is to be sent to anyone other than company representatives on that list. The act of releasing any information will be an infraction of company policy and may lead to termination of employment. 2) The company is also asking for any volunteers to assist the family members at the camping site with donations of food, water, blankets, and other necessities needed for the welfare of the family

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