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Jonathan Shrader Theories of Personality Case Study 7 Application Questions 1. There are three main areas that prove evidence that Martin had feelings of inferiority. First, Martin felt embarrassed of his Polish American ethnicity. Secondly, of his parent’s lack of education, neither his father nor mother completed high school. Lastly, Martin was bothered by his lack of material goods. Overall, his humble beginnings made him feel inferiority or lower in grade. 3. Many of Adler’s theories relate to Martian’s goals. One of Martin’s main goals come from is humbling background of his parent’s lack of education and lack of material goods. He was ashamed by all of these as a child. Adler’s theory suggests that we are trying to move from the negative to positives regarding things such as family and lifestyle. Martins discuss of his unique lifestyle growing up may be a very strong motivator. Also, Adler’s theory example that ones feeling of inferiority pushes them to try and be more superior. Therefore, unsatisfying childhood, feeling of inferiority, and family background all reflect reasoning behind Martins goals just as Adler’s theory suggest. 5. Adler’s theory of birth order purposed that the oldest child would be achievement oriented witch would apply to Martin’s life. Some of Martin’s achievements entail graduating from University of Michigan with honors, attended Harvard Law School, and successfully opened his own law firm. These achievements become much more significant to Adler’s theory when one note’s Martin’s parents never completed high school. Adler’s birth order theory of achievement from the oldest child matches Martin success. Theory Comparison Questions 1. One way to interoperate Horney’s basic anxiety theory is an individual feel as if their social environment is unfair, merciless, and unforgiving. These are all feelings that Martin

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