Case Study: The Woman With Sore Knees

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Danielle Duval Case Study 10 3/17/2015 The Woman with Sore Knees 1. What signs and symptoms support the diagnosis of OA in Angela’s case? How is RA ruled out? How is osteoporosis ruled out? The diagnosis was given because of the specific signs Angela was showing, the symptoms she was having were joint pain that was specifically triggered anytime she was in a cold-like condition. Osteoporosis has been ruled out as not being the case in this situation because the X rays did not have any result in bone loss of bone density. 2. Why does Angela’s doctor recommend exercise and weight loss? Exercise plays a huge role on everyday life and can eliminate many help factors. If Angela continues to exercise it will help maintain and improve the range of motions within the joints. It will also help…show more content…
Why might chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate improve Angela’s condition? 4. Even though Angela is not diagnosed with osteoporosis, which of the treatments recommended by her doctor are related to that condition? Why does the doctor make those recommendations? 5. Would crepitus be detected by palpation, auscultation, or percussion? Explain. 6. Why would decreased range of motion indicate a joint disorder rather than a skeletal disorder? The joints would become less movable which would cause for them to age a lot quicker as for the skeletal system, it wouldn’t damage anything. Joints are similar to rubber bands, the longer they sit there the hardest they get which causes them to break easily. 7. Why do you think sloths and bats are not susceptible to osteoarthritis? Bats do not live to an older age as most animals, and sloths don’t have enough motion and activity to put a lot of strain onto their bodies. 8. Why does ankylosing spondylitis cause postural changes? Ankylosing spondylitis affects the spine, which causes the posture to change. 9. Which one of the following joints would not be susceptible to

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