Carton And Darnay

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Comparison of Sydney Carton to Charles Darnay in "Tale of Two Cities" Essay Many people are similar, but different at the same time. In the book Tale of Two Cities there are two characters that are very much alike, yet very dissimilar at the same time. Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay are two such characters. Both Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay contrast similarly physically, but are very different mentally. Darnay and Carton appear physically similar. Carton and Darnay must look similar because during Darnay's first trial, Carton was used as a subject in the trial to show that anyone could have been the man that was transporting secret messages between France and England by how Carton looked so much like Darnay. This shows that physically that both Carton must look like Darnay because they people could mistake Darnay for being Carton. Another time that shows that Carton and Darnay are similar is when Carton switches places with Darnay to be executed. There was nobody at the execution that noticed that Carton had switched places with Darnay except for the one girl that doesn't say anything about it. This also shows that Darnay and Carton must look exceptionally alike to be able to switch places before the execution. Carton and Darnay are very different mentally. Darnay is a very well conducted man and is polite, while Carton is drunk that likes to bring people`s self-esteem down. It is shown by how Carton and Darnay acts when Carton asks Darnay to dinner. Carton gets drunk and starts badgering Darnay about how his life sucks and that everyone hates him and that he hates himself. Darnay sits quietly and tries to defend that Carton should not hate himself very politely. This behavior from Carton finally makes Darnay angry enough to leave so Darnay excuses himself very gentlemanlike. This shows that Darnay and Carton are clearly different. Carton is a man who

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