Carter Cleaning Centers Essay

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CARTER CLEANING CENTERS (Case Study Analysis) Question 1. Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with Carter’s Cleaning Store have increased in numbers from 2 to 6 and have also expanded their services to dry cleaning and pressing of clothes .They may grapple with the following HR challenges : Job Analysis: A detailed job analysis must be done to examine information about the additional jobs and to prepare job description for the new employees so as to improve Employee Productivity. Induction/Orientation & Training – A proper Induction & Orientation program will have to be designed to familiarize the new employees not just with the working of the machines but with the policies of Carter’s Cleaning Centres. All employees need to be trained on the various Machines (Technical /Functional Trainings) & certain Behavioural trainings on how to handle customers/how to work in teams /manage conflict. Since there is just one Onsite Manager, he may have to perform multiple roles of a Line Manager & a Staff Manager. Assumption- The case nowhere talks of the policies or customer services it offers .For e.g. What if a cloth is not properly cleaned, will the customer be charged again or will it be free wash etc. All these policies should be communicated to all employees. Since no information has been given about the skill set of the employees joining, it can be assumed that a combination of skilled and unskilled workers are joining. No information is provided about a separate HR Manager so it can be assumed that there is just one on site manager. Compensation & Benefit - After looking at financial of the Carter Cleaning Company, a detailed analysis has to done on the salary and other incentives to be given to all the employees. Also the differentiation in the salary of Skilled & Unskilled workers has to be dealt with.

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