Caring Parent or Murder Essay

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ocieties have always placed men and women unequally at many different levels of social organization. Men and women are differently placed and differently rewarded in our society, because of the different positions they hold, different roles they play, and consequently different actions they choose when it comes to violent crimes such as murder and their victims being their children. In other words, social organization is gendered. Most researchers have focused on the gender, race, educational level, and biological factors that contribute to violence and crime. The Journal of Scandinavian Studies in Criminology and Crime Prevention published an article Parenthood in Murder-Suicide News. Idealized Fathers and Murderous Mums by Minna Nikunen. She explains gender inequality, by the surrounding systems that affect all human behavior; how parents’ of violent crimes are gendered by the newspapers/media, community /neighbors, and bystanders. How all play a major role in how the general public sees the parent. Social and moral order is categorized differently, because one person does not generally represent the whole social class. Biological problems may play a role in weather a parents kills their child, but the way that the community looks at the parent’s plays a role. Some people put on a big front, pretending that they have money and can’t or don’t want their community, to view them as being any less or talking about them, so they see no way out but to commit a violent crime such as murder-suicide. I’m going to discuss how the newspapers/media, community/neighbors, and the bystanders play a role in how society views the parents that commit violent crimes such as murder-suicide. How if there are any ways to prevent parents’ from committing violent crimes; and how this article relates to a sociology class in the United States. The first thing that plays a

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