Can Science And Religion Be Reconciled

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Can science and religion be reconciled: Can science and religion be reconciled? Is there a middle ground between belief and factual scientific evidence? Some believe there is, but many believe there isn't. There are so many arguments between the two groups that it feels, sometimes, as if they are at war with each other. One does not understand the other, and vice versa. Neither wants to give an inch to the other on specific issues, in fear of admitting that they are wrong. Much of this comes from the radical view points of both beliefs in an effort to maintain control and the status quo of their people. But they do not realize that with the birth of technology, knowledge can be spread faster and reach a bigger crowd. Although many internet "trolls" as they call them, are open minded and exceed the expectation of varied beliefs on multiple different areas of politics and religion, both science and religion have begun to use these same methods of education for their own purposes, keeping the ignorant people of their belief all the more ignorant. But the thing is, they CAN get along. Objective thinking leads to an open mind that allows science and religion to be reconciled. First one must know what these things are. Religion is a set practice of beliefs in a moral code and rituals, often including some sort of salvation or enlightenment from doing such, and a belief in certain myths. As well as practicing a certain belief, religion is often equated with a belief in God. This is true in most aspects and for most religions, but a few Eastern religions do not believe there is a God per say, but more of an energy or flow that almost "controls" the universe. Science stems from the latin root "scientiae" which meant "knowledge". Science is the practical observation and theorized belief in what can be seen, felt, heard, smelt, and tasted. It is the belief in what is
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