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Ships of the Desert If the desert is so adverse, then how can living things survive? For a person it may be difficult because of the many hardships they can suffer such as sunburns, sand storms or dehydration. However desert animals are built to be able to put up with things like that. For example, the camel is a perfect component of the desert. Camels are great to have by a person’s side when in need of survival because of their desert abilities and qualities, however they might not always agree with you. Camels are hardy and amazingly self-sufficient. For instance, they have thick leather pads on their legs that act like knee pads on hot sand and can eat anything from hay to thorny twigs, even tent material if they have to. They carry lumps of fat in their humps which provide them with food. Also they can go for weeks, even months without water if they have to. However, when they do drink water they can drink up to 40 gallons in one go. Since camels don’t sweat, they retain much of the water in their bodies. People living in the desert depend on camels to help them survive. Camels are very strong and can pull plows in hard, dry soil. For example, they can carry heavy loads (up to 330 lbs.) to places that have no roads and can walk easily on soft sand where trucks would get stuck. Besides using their strength to help people, camels give milk that is good for drinking or making cheese. In addition to that, they also provide wool that can be made into clothing for humans. I never knew how helpful camels were until now. However, camels can be troublesome to people. Although they are capable of doing many things, camels tend to be one of the laziest animals. Sometimes when asked to carry heavy loads, they may groan, wail, or even refuse to stand up. They generally do not have the stamina to work hard for more than six months in a year. On those hot days, when

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