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Cabeza de Vaca, Marco Polo and Equiano Experiences During Their Travels Essay

  • Submitted by: nadernamini
  • on October 20, 2013
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "Cabeza de Vaca, Marco Polo and Equiano Experiences During Their Travels" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cabeza De Vaca, Marco Polo and Equiano Experiences during their travels
Written by: Nader Namini Asl

Cabeza De Vaca and Marco Polo had a similar attitude toward native people. The natives gave them food and supplement and in return they gave them beds and little bells. They both treated them as their allies.

Marco polo and Cabeza De Vaca had almost opposite experiences. Cabeza de Vaca went to a land that no one had gone there before and many of his men died there because of the weather condition. On the other hand, Marco polo went on the trip by himself, he was not having that bad time as Cabeza de Vaca, and his man had. He went from Europe all the way to Asia to discover different cultures, and parts of world that he had never seen before.

Equiano had been traded as a slave from Africa to the British Colonies in the North America. Through his autobiography, he describes his horrible experiences during his ‘travel’ to North America. He was on the ships that had been designed for trading slaves. Those ships showed the cruel part of humanity during that period of history.

Cabeza De Vaca and his men wanted to turn Native Americans to their own religion that was Christianity. They thought that they had been chosen to spread out Christianity all over America. Marco Polo was more like a tourist than a religious person that was seeking for a religious contrast and fight for it. Therefore, he did not experience any kind of persecution for religious contrast to Native people of the places that he visit.

The English slave traders had persecuted Equiano through his travel along the Atlantic Ocean. He was living under the worst condition that a man can think of, therefore, all of his experience involves persecution, prejudice and humility. He was not adventuring by the will of himself but he was forced to. Therefore, he did not have the experiences as we expect from adventurers to have.

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