Brokeback Mountain: a Film Analysis

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The story of Brokeback Mountain became a very interesting read for me, the things that impacted me the most from the story was the power of love, whether it be from heterosexual couples or homosexual couples. The theme of how love conquers and prevails no matter the circumstances was seen throughout the short story. The adaptation of story to the screenplay captures the essential elements of the story its entirety, a rare thing seen in film adaptations. Many story-to-film adaptions commonly cut out major portions of the book or fill in gaps to make the film more "appealing" and "watchable" to audiences, whereas the film by Ang Lee featured all of the writing of Annie Proulx story down to the grim details. However, the film did seem as though more dimension was added to create a more emotional environment that makes you feel the happiness, love, hardship, and sorrow that radiates from the onscreen characters. In order to create a film based on a story the screenplay will include aspects that will enhance the story to create a more appealing atmosphere onscreen. I felt as though the film was much more emotional and romantic portrayed in modest way, while the short story appeared to be portrayed more blunt and explicit without any room for remorse. An example of the "bluntness" of the story is the first time Ennis and Jack have sex, the story tells how "Jack seized [Ennis'] left hand and brought it to his erect cock." The word cock becomes more of an insinuation in the film rather than a forced visualization that you get from reading the story. This narration is lost in translation to the film were the scene seems more innocent and a romantic encounter among two friends. There are instances in the film that were not mentioned in the book, or rather were not as detailed. The film gave a more inside look into the domestic lives the two characters Jack
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